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In my today's playthrought i:

Found a planet with nothing just with this lonely guy;

Found this bug(?) Where if you shot LOTS of seeds in only one planet this big white ball appears in the sky

and i reached 1013 score :)


omg that's awesome! the big white thing I've never seen before, it's a bug, uh I mean it's  "part of the mystery" ;)


Top 10 sad moments of all time:

They don't seem to be a very empathetic species no hehe.

I have thought about this scenario theoretically, but this is the first time I've seen it. Thanks for playing and posting this! 


Real air of mystery. Very good!

Thanks for playing, and the kind words~


Fun little game. Nice art, it has a star control 2 feel to it.

Thanks for playing, and for the kind words!


Awesome space exploration game with humour and lots of cool little details! More features than No Man’s Sky had at launch...

I'm starting to like just hanging out on the ship

Tip: don't pet the dogs

You know it baby!