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super good game! surprisingly in-depth item and loadout system, and the actual gameplay is pretty intense too! didn't stop playing until I beat the final boss. sharp sword of icebolt is op.

thank you! and yes, sometimes you hit the jackpot on the drops ^^

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Ok so basically i was spawned in the right and went down to hit the enemy, i don't know if it's the wall collision or smt but i got teleported to the other side of the map idk how.

Thanks for the report!

Did you have any item equipped with Phasing? i.e. did it make an animation with blue circles around the vanquisher?

or was it just you walking, then pop! you were in the other side?

Yea i was just walking but i also think it's the hitbox because that one enemy attacked me and then i teleported

Ah, then I think some item you have got the Phasing ability. It makes you teleport away when hit.

Do you think that might be it, or is it a bug somewhere?

Well that might be it, but idk i'm still sus from that enemy tho

yeah, never trust an orctroll is a good general rule :D

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got ice bow in the first few levels, basically easy win till the end, can freeze everything except the last boss on level 18, but i could still kite that boss with enough haste 

Nice! Thanks for playing!

That was fun! Made it to level 15 and got caught on that level between 2 ice wizards.

The inventory was a little confusing at first and I accidentally deleted items trying to equip them, but eventually figured it out.

The only issue I think I ran into was treasure chests would sometimes spawn on stairs and when going to loot the chest, you would just end up descending.

That made me a little irritated when it happened after beating the troll, as I thought something great would be in the large chest, then beat the Forgotten King and that large chest had useless boots. Mini bosses apparently don't necessarily drop better loop.

Enjoyable stuff, thanks!

hey thanks for playing and the write-up! I'm glad you enjoyed it, and agree on the feedback, very well put!

Ayo bro i found this bug where i'm just non-existent and the enemies see me but they just attack the air and i don't get hit

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Oh! I forgot to mention that i cannot move but i think this is a bit obvious and also i was playing on mobile, maybe the bug is for mobile

hi, thanks for playing! Thanks for reporting, it looks the same as a known bug, but it's always good to have a sense of how often it happens. 

Also when i posted this comment i started playing this game again and then it happened again :/

You need to fix it quickly

oh, I didn't know it happened that often, thanks for replying!

made an account just to say this is fantastic! I'm still very early in learning how to make stuff with Pico 8, and I really appreciate stuff like this. Small touches like changing the character's appearance from inventory changes are really good

also the bow is OP & I love it

Hi! thanks for playing and creating account to comment :D

I too like the bow, but for small enemies, othing beats a big sword for the bosses!

Input seems broken AF.

Hi! Thanks for trying out my game. If there's any bug I'd love to get it fixed. Any hint in the questions below helps.

What seems wrong with the game?

What version of the game?

What OS did you try it on?


love it...minimal micro action rpg

yess! you know it baby! thanks for playing!

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Great game, it's very entertaining, i like it.

Thanks a bunch!

This was a lot of fun. Thanks for this.

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I really really liked! Great game! Thanks!

Thanks! That makes me happy :)

i like this


Thanks for playing!