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A huge collection of 8x8 RPG items in the PICO-8 palette. 700+ designs and color variations choose from! Examples below.





The items are placed on a 8x8 grid, so if you use software that lets you select a tile in the grid (like Aseprite,) the items will line up perfectly for selection.

Use this however you see fit (CC-0). If you like it, please leave a comment, and you are more than welcome to donate a dollar or two. Enjoy! :)

I'd love to see anything that uses this! Send me a link and I'll definitely check it out!


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Ironchests_RPG_items_pico8_v1.png 18 kB


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Hi, I used some items in my game PicoMage, check it out: https://www.lexaloffle.com/bbs/?tid=38723



I like this style of art, but I'm looking for 16x16. Do you have anything like this or would you be able to make 16x16 rpg items in this style?

Hi, I don't have anything planned for 16x16, and  sorry for the somewhat late reply. Do you have a link to a project I could look at?

I don't at present. It's still early days for it unfortunately. Still working out the mechanics and core of the game.

Wow, this art is awesome!

Would love to use it in a mobile game, as I understand I'm free to do so?

And again, this art is really nice, good job.


Thanks! And yes, you are free to use it however you want. I'd love to see what you make with this!

If you need more assets I'm open to do business as well, I'm very flexible.

thanks for this

thank you! I'd love to see anything you made with this :)